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Founded by a Dentist to Help Other Dentists.

Flynotes is a digital health company dedicated to helping dental practices through digital innovation. It was founded in 2017 by a qualified dentist to help other dentists by reducing the number of potential patient litigation cases. The Flynotes founder, Govin Murugachandran, was shocked by seeing other dentists, his friends, go through the stress of litigation cases and felt that he could help. In 2018, Flynotes was launched and has been growing ever since.

Govin was recently appointed as an ambassador to The College of General Dentistry and was an integral part of the team that launched MyFTC - The Fallow Time Calculator. MyFTC was developed in response to the need for dental practices to accurately calculate fallow time between patients during the COVID pandemic. 

The Flynotes platform is the most advanced digital communication platform in dentistry, which is: legally compliant, integrates seamlessly into a practice’s clinical workflow and allows for improved patient experience. Flynotes is committed to helping dentists and their dental practices focus on the delivery of world-class dental care by improving the safety and experience for patients.

Here for Dental Practices.

In 2021, Flynotes launched its COVID Pledge Programme to help dental practices recover from the pandemic and return to normality as quickly as possible. This programme was designed to help in two fundamental ways: reducing costs and getting patients safely back into practice.

The elements of the programme, were: 

  • The launch of our Single User Licence, allowing access to Flynotes for only £24 per month

  • The removal of integration fees

  • The introduction of a 14 day trial

  • The launch of Flysend, our affordable digital communication product, helping reduce the cost of outbound SMS messages

  • Free access for dental universities to the Flynotes platform

  • The launch of industry-leading CPD courses on informed consent

  • The establishment of a student ambassador licence, giving future dentists access to Flynotes and the opportunity to learn about informed consent from industry experts.

Working with the Dental Industry

Flynotes is committed to working with the dental industry in helping to improve the care, safety and experience for patients. We are working with a range of industry experts, universities and bodies.

Adrian Dray. Data Protection Consultant - Consult Here

With over 5000 hours of experience as the appointed Data Protection Officer for hundreds of independent and corporate-owned dental practices, Adrian continues to help UK dental professionals from the fallout of non-compliance through engaging education programs and specialist support. Adrian applies his deep understanding of private and NHS dentistry practices to skilfully assess and manage all areas of compliance from data breach investigations to the latest digital tools processing patient information. 

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