The need for Digital Transformation

The introduction of new technologies have always arguably helped businesses to adapt to the fast-paced digital world we live in today, but the pandemic has highlighted a further crucial need to enable businesses to “innovate and thrive in an increasingly digital wo...
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In a recent search, a trending question on Google has been “what is the difference between consent and informed consent?” In general and as an overview, the British Journal of Medical Practitioners provides the basic difference between consent and informed consent as being “the patients' knowledge b...
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Dentist and Patient Advocates say that dentistry is facing a crisis fuelled by the pandemic that will likely lead to an increase in Oral Cancer in the coming months and years.


  • People needing urgent care are struggling to find NHS Treatments in all parts of England according to Healthwatch.
  • Sur...
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The Importance of Informed Consent

One of the most commonly asked questions is “why is informed consent so important?”

Whilst discussing informed consent in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, Kakar et al. state that “without informed consent to treatment, a dentist is vulnerable to criticism on a number of counts.”&...

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Founded by a dentist to help other dentists

Welcome to our latest blog! Over the past four years Flynotes has grown into one of the fastest-selling dental software platforms, how did it all begin? 

Flynotes’ Founder and CEO, Govin Murugachandran, in his final year at King’s College London studying dentistry to become a dual-qualified Maxi...

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Introducing: The NEW Multi-Practice Functionality
We now offer the Multi-Practice feature within Flynotes in response to your feedback.

Whether you work for multiple practices, or your practice has multiple locations, your seamless consenting journey will never stop. 

Nadine has put together a short video below which displays the ease of switchi...
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New Real-Time Dashboards
New dashboards have been added to provide clinicians and practice managers with a real-time overview of the practice and user account activity.

You are now able to access a dashboard unique to you and an additional dashboard which provides an overview for the whole practice. From the menu, you are ab...
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The Importance of Patient Education
"Patient education is mandatory for practice success." A statement made by Prosthodontist and CEO of Practical Clinical Courses, Gordon Christensen. According to Dr Christensen, having knowledgeable staff can add to the education of patients regarding their treatment and are "ess...
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Funding Secured

We are pleased to announce that Flynotes has successfully secured funding from NPIF-Maven Equity Finance.

CEO Govin Murugachandran said: "These unprecedented times have highlighted the importance and need for Flynotes digital consent and communication platform in delivering care safely and ...
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Patient Consent: Promoting Positive Engagement

Doyle et al. state “the importance of securing patient engagement as an element of valid consent to treatment”₁. Flynotes both promotes and encourages patient engagement on bespoke consents with the option of allowing patients to ask questions regarding their treatment. There has been talk...

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Capacity and Patient Proxy in Dentistry
Capacity is the ability to understand and use information to make an informed decision. However, as discussed earlier this year in the Primary Dental Journal, the UK has a "growing ageing population" as well as "increased life expectancy". 

This inevitably means that dental p...
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October Newsletter

We understand that personalising your consent templates is often a time-consuming and manual process. At Flynotes, patient consent is automatically personalised based on their medical information. 

Flynotes enables both patient and clinician to go on a fully interactive and digital con...

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An article released last week by Maya Samuel of Dentistry Online asked the question: How can you make your dental practice more sustainable?

Within the published article, Maya talked about the digital era in which we are fast approaching. 

But how can you and your team play a part in wo...

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To kick off our #FlynotesInPractice campaign, we hear from Dr Shayan Dadkhah as he shares how Flynotes has helped with the concerns around patient litigation after qualifying from dental school.

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Today, after a year working with our valued customers, we have released the latest version of Flynotes. 

Our goal, as always, is to continue to support clinicians in practice, and we are excited to share this consent journey with you all. 

We are giving you exclusive access to trial it for f...

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