Flynotes is featured in the latest issue from The British Dental Journal (BDJ) discussing Touchless Informed Bespoke Treatment Consent.

Flynotes ensures that Clinicians and Patients have ZERO touch-points when it comes to gaining consent. Flynotes is designed to be used from a patient's own device, h...
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How can Flynotes help with returning to work?

Touchless Treatment Consent: Flynotes has gone completely contactless. 

In a recent article, Dr Andrea Ubhi discussed the return to work for dentists, stating that "the focus on making clinics as sterile as possible with extensive cleaning measur...

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We wanted to let you know of the support that is on offer during the current situation.

Dental Mentors UK are offering contact with a group of dental professionals, who are experienced and qualified coach-mentors. They have come together to offer free mentoring support, so you can access support with...
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Lewis, our very talented Business Development Intern, recently won a gold medal at the Para-Track Cycling World Championships in Milton, Canada.

He achieved the result in the sprint event with partner James Ball and it will set them on trajectory to medal at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer....
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Bring your own device gives the option for clinicians to go through the consent flow on a laptop or PC. 

Once at the signing stage, the patient can then sign the consent form using their own device by scanning a QR code and signing on their touchscreen.

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