New Real-Time Dashboards

13.01.21 11:37 AM By Jasmine Razvi

New dashboards have been added to provide clinicians and practice managers with a real-time overview of the practice and user account activity.

You are now able to access a dashboard unique to you and an additional dashboard which provides an overview for the whole practice. From the menu, you are able to easily switch between both dashboards, allowing for ease of use. 
Knowledge Base
'My dashboard' displays a real-time consent and performance overview including statistics from within customisable timeframes. 

The overview provided within 'My dashboard' helps clinicians to understand the data around their own consents raised from their own account.
Articles & Videos

The overview within the 'Practice dashboard' has the exact same layout as above, however it is an aggregation of all the users in the practice so numbers will inevitably be higher. It is beneficial to Practice Managers as it provides a straightforward insight into patient activity across the whole of the practice. 

Additional Features
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