Today, after a year working with our valued customers, we have released the latest version of Flynotes. 

Our goal, as always, is to continue to support clinicians in practice, and we are excited to share this consent journey with you all. 

We are giving you exclusive access to trial it for f...

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How can Flynotes help with returning to work?

Touchless Treatment Consent: Flynotes has gone completely contactless. 

In a recent article, Dr Andrea Ubhi discussed the return to work for dentists, stating that "the focus on making clinics as sterile as possible with extensive cleaning measur...

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Bring your own device gives the option for clinicians to go through the consent flow on a laptop or PC. 

Once at the signing stage, the patient can then sign the consent form using their own device by scanning a QR code and signing on their touchscreen.

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