Flynotes has digitalised your patient journey.

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An individual patient's procedures can now be grouped together into a fully accessible, bespoke and digital treatment plan for both clinician and patient to review. 

Additionally, clinicians are now able to select and open a specific procedure within the treatment plan and send an email invitation to the patient to conduct an online consent review.
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Patients can simply engage with the new Flynotes treatment consent process in the comfort of their own home. Enabling Informed Bespoke Consent to be more time-efficient for the clinician, whilst allowing the patient to understand and ask questions on a simple-to-use, fully digital and interactive, treatment consent process. 

Messages will be sent from the patient to the practice, building an audit trail of the treatment consent journey and understanding. Flynotes gives time back to the dentist and increases the understanding to the patient. 

All whilst being the gold standard in treatment consent.
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Bring Your Own Device

Bring your own device gives the option for clinicians to go through the consent flow on a laptop or PC. Once at the signing stage, the patient can then sign the consent form using their own device by scanning a QR code and signing on their touchscreen.