Flynotes provides the simplest and most effective way to deliver valid and informed consent in dentistry. 

But how can Flynotes benefit you and your team?


Shared approach of providing consistent informed consent

Enables the brand to look more professional across practices

Tailor-made group training packages, all practices will be using the software inline with company guidelines

Increases efficient workflow throughout practices


Overseeing the non-clinical and business side of the practice: using Flynotes contributes to a more efficient and methodical workflow 

Customer satisfaction is also achieved, with patients being properly informed regarding their treatment consent

Able to ensure they’re CQC compliant

Standardised consent across practices, improving the quality of the practice


Flynotes software is a clinician’s aid, it’s there to help and support, but contributes to an efficient workflow

Peace of mind when it comes to treatment consent

Digitalising the consent process

Provides a full audit trail, with easy access to patient consent forms

Compliancy, reinforces Dentists’ understanding of medical conditions and medications, and the risks associated with them


The software is a visual representation of natural conversation, so it can support newly qualified dentists where needed

Supports the Dentist to engage in clear verbal and visual communication with the patient

Proven to build confidence


Can support the Dental Nurse with any questions they may face from the patient prior to treatment, providing tailored informed consent 

Engaged as part of the clinical process

Knowing that the consent has been done, multi-disciplinary approach

Allows them to increase knowledge base


Increases patient safety as they will be properly informed by the practice performing the procedure

Patient understanding is a key element of Flynotes

Easily accessible information 

Can raise concerns about their treatment

Gives patient control and reduces time in the dental chair
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